Our Mission


The Problem

Many veterans live with pain.

Imagine waking up every morning and starting your day in physical pain. The discomfort remains while you are trying to work and take care of your family, compounding the stress in your everyday life.

The constant nagging of physical pain creates an environment that causes frustration, irritation, and anger. By reducing or eliminating the root source of the daily pain, we allow these heroic men and women to put their focus back on the things that matter.

Now imagine waking up pain free. All of your attention can be put toward showing up for the things that mean the most to you. Pain Free Patriots helps make this possible.

The Solution

Grants cover the cost of treatment.

The Pain Free Patriot program provides medical grants for effective treatment to help relieve chronic pain for military Veterans. Our goal is to help Veterans return to their daily lives as quickly and healthy as possible, using the latest technologies and best practices.

Star Tribune feature article
“Pain Free Patriots Charity Offers Free Relief
to Veterans in Chronic Pain”


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