As Pain Free Patriots grows and serves more Veterans and their families,
we receive many requests from people about how they can help.
In many cases, the people who want to help or volunteer are not in the position to make large monetary donations.
In order to include more of these people, we have come up with an exciting new project.

We all know that many small donations can add up to a big amount.
To that end, we are creating Fund-A-Need objectives that can help us take care of more Veterans.
Various Needs can be Funded by groups of 50-75 people (family, friends, coworkers, or strangers!)
that all put in smaller amounts of money to reach their individual goals.

Once each goal is met, the contributing Group would be featured here on our website and on social media, and updates
will be posted regarding the progress toward your goals and how you’ve helped to make a difference.


Fund-A-Need Project #1:


Goal: $15,000

One of our Mobile Units (featured in the video above)
that helps to provide service to Veterans outside the
metro area is currently out of service and in need of
repair. Because of the size of the unit combined with
the nature of the damages, we need to raise the funds
to get the bus back on its route, treating Veterans.

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