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Pain Free Patriots Aims to Relieve Vets from Chronic Pain”  – Sun Post article, published 12/29/18

Furniture Industry Gets Behind Wellness Alternative to Benefit Military Vets”  – Furniture Today article, published 11/26/18

Find ’em, Fund ’em, and Fix ’em” – Crow River News article, published 10/4/18

Local Band Donates Song Proceeds to Help Veterans” – KSTP Channel 5 feature, published 5/29/17

Nonprofit Fights Veterans’ Pain” – ER Star News, published 11/6/16

Several programs scheduled for Veteran’s Day” – Citizen Tribune, published 11/04/16

Pain Free Patriots Charity Offers Free Relief to Veterans in Pain” – Star Tribune front page feature, published 8/3/15

Minnesota Vets Receive Pain Relief Through Local Program” – KSTP ABC Channel 5 Feature, aired 3/1/15

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